mp3 premiere: “I Love Everyone” - Reginald Leister

mp3 premiere: “I Love Everyone” - Reginald Leister

words: Jordan Gorsuch

From the opening chord strum, to the lingering eight seconds of breathing room that soon follows, it seems like Reginald Leister is unsure of his footing. Yet, “I Love Everyone” is a song that reads absolutely positive from a quick glance at the lyrics: “I love everyone / Be happy / Love living / Live loving everyone the best that you can.” Lesiter delivers this motto in an accessible whine, alongside a simple set of guitar chords with an infectious strumming pattern.

It is lines like “Then the days go by and I sit and wonder why everything that I love doesn't love me back,” that point to a more fragile, unsettled version of the singer that desperately wants us to believe everything will be alright. Leister’s debut single takes notes from the one minute jaunts of indie folk mainstays AJJ, but does not feature the cynicism that is associated with them. Leister is purely sincere when he treats the world as his home, and the love that he wishes to radiate seems genuine. 

I keep going back to that first guitar strum, that hint of hesitation – that moment that paints all of this is a different light, that this is all a mantra to keep your head above water. When the sky feels like it is falling, sometimes love is all you have. 

Here is what Leister had to say about the song itself and the dual EP’s that are releasing next month:

"I'm looking to find a place with music where I can have a chance to be the person I am and want to be as well as tell a story and explain where I come from with intentions to connect with anybody who can or wants to relate. I also like to try and be brief, yet, I find it important to put an effort in explaining the message I intend to tell with these songs that hold importance to me. These two EP’s are about similar, but different topics. The first one being ‘I Love Everyone’ which is driven from a state of mind I was in throughout 2016 where despite all of the things going on in my life at the time I had found time to remember to love myself and everyone who helped me remember that life is a good thing. This came along with cards that I had handed out to people I care about, and had also left in random places to state that if anybody needed anything then they could give me a call and I would do the best I could to help them. ‘Progress, and the Consistency Struggle’ is a bit more complex whereas a lot of the songs have a more personal perspective and have more to do with the impact things and people have left on my life. From issues regarding drug problems with my friends, to personal issues with my family, and my perspective on things I try to stress the importance of remaining in a state of making progress in life. Despite how hard it may be to be consistent with this, it’s important to point out that in order to adapt to changes in life as we get older, it's necessary to stay focused on what's important to us and continue to work on it. These are both concepts based off of character traits I've learned to carry throughout my life, and find to be important to have with making decisions and building relationships in a world where sometimes it's hard to trust people. Yet, it's also important to remember that not everyone is against you – and they deserve a chance to help or be helped."