mp3 premiere: "Maria Sweet" - Strange Relations

photo: Tamara Alswager

photo: Tamara Alswager

Last year, Strange Relations transfixed us with their Going Out EP, and once again they cast a menacing spell with "Maria Sweet." It's metallic and mysterious, echoing the pangs of having an unrequited crush through looped effects, primal-like percussion and vocals coated in a syrupy glaze. It's a perfect way to announce that single will be included on the upcoming Sugar Rush 2 Compilation, out later this year through The Grey Estates & Negative Fun. Sugar Rush 1 was a collection of cover songs, but this follow up will feature unreleased and new material from some of our favorite bands. Strange Relations will also have more new material coming out later this year. 

The band describes the song as being about: 

"Having an unrequited crush on your best friend. We wanted to make a fun summer-ready track that felt like a rush of good times but could still deliver a punch to the gut (much like an unrequited crush!). We describe the sound of the track as "like Death From Above 1979 if DFA were lesbians."

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