mp3 premiere: "Missed Connections" - thanks for coming

photo: Riley Cavanaugh

photo: Riley Cavanaugh

Much like the occurence it owes its name to, "Missed Connections" is a hastily passing happening. On the latest single from thanks for coming, Rachel Brown quickly runs through a series of actual missed connections postings, including an apology to someone named Crystal for ruining them and hopes for a girl who made someone laugh to finally finds the one. A fuzzy repetitious guitar line leads the way, backing Brown's continued confessions that culminate in a finale where they wonder if anyone is real anymore, declaring they never see themselves breaking up with someone. The single perfectly captures the magic, mystery and heartbreak of actually experiencing a missed connection. Whether it just wasn't the right time or you locked eyes with someone only to never see them again, thanks for coming brings all the emotion of that occurrence to life. In just a little more than two minutes, we're invited to make a connection of our own with this music, and whether one chooses to connect with the sincerity of thanks for coming is entirely up to you.

The track appears on missing out, out on 8/25 on Disposable America.

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