mp3 premiere: "Moonless" (Vassals Cover) - Stunt Casting

Earlier this month, Vassals released their Halogen Days EP, and among the tracks on the stellar release is the moody and mysterious "Moonless." It's thunderous and strong, bringing the same sense of darkness and fear that comes with a "Moonless" night to life in musical form. Today we're excited to premiere a cover of the track from Stunt Casting. For Ann Driscoll aka Stunt Casting's take, the artist brings a whimsical but foreboding pop to the single that captures the same sense of mystery but with a unique identity. Ann explains first hearing the song and a little more about the recording process:

“I first heard "Moonless"' when I was subbing on bass for a couple of Vassals gigs. Shay sent me an iPhone recording of their rehearsal for me to learn the song, and I was pretty much floored. The melody, chord progression, vocal delivery, garage rock arrangement - were all immediately captivating. The song's tone really strikes me; it creates the atmosphere of a nightmare and puts dark, unsettling emotions into a catchy, pop context. It's a nightmare-as-a-pop-song.

I recorded the cover alone on Christmas Day at my apartment in Bushwick which I think affected how it sounds. I wanted the cover to convey the feeling of cold, black empty streets; desolation; spookiness; paranoia. I wanted it to sound like a dream where something is chasing you. There's plenty of music out there that I respect in an analytical way but can't emotionally get behind; Shay's songs, however, fit like a glove. They move me immediately and undeniably. Vassals's music is very close to my own sensibilities as a musician, and they just sound how I think music should sound.”

Creator Chats: Alex Cohen (Alex Napping) & Nandi Rose Plunkett (Half Waif)

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