mp3 premiere: "Move the Rug" - Total Yuppies

Let's face it, shaking off the blues that accompany Monday can be challenging, but lucky for us, there's a new tune from Total Yuppies that's just the burst of sunshine and energy you need. "Move the Rug" is the newest single from the band's upcoming Dadstache Records release out on 9/15. As flippant and fuzzy as the track may sound, it holds a much deeper meaning and if you listen beneath the wall to wall energized, gunning noise you'll hear it. Its spirited attitude might just be enough to convince you to tackle whatever you've been putting off or brighten up your day with a powerful dose of garage pop. 

As band member Jacob Walsh explains, "It's a distracted little ripper about inviting two of your closest friends to live in the house that you used to share with your partner and regretting it for the entire summer. Denial manifests itself in a dirty rug that you left on the stairs because it was only kind of in the way. It's hot in the attic of your stupid house, but you live up there now. It feels good when you finally move the rug so you play a guitar solo about it."

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