mp3 premiere: "Reckless" - Easy Dreams

Every romantic rush of feeling that occurs in the dead heat of summer, the magic that accompanies a starry summer sky and the overall feeling of surreal and unlimited possibilities present in this season of sunshine comes to life on new track "Reckless" from Easy Dreams. The beautiful and dreamy single comes from the pairing of Meredith Meyer and Brandon White, who team up to create sounds inspired by "country fields meet close encounters of some kind." Beginning with spacey, spine tingling synths and instructions from White to "close your eyes," "Reckless" rapidly unfolds, Meyer's vocals joining in, along with a rush of guitar and drums. The addition of new elements heighten the weight of a confession - "reckless when you turn to me and smile." There's a warmth and mystery that linger throughout, making it a perfect soundtrack for evenings on the porch or summer adventures that come without an agenda.

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