mp3 premiere: "Sesame, Sesame" - Lindsey Mills


There are two magical words often uttered when one is hoping for a locked mystery to reveal itself. In "Sesame, Sesame," Lindsey Mills uses the "open sesame" mantra in a stunningly painted portrait of the toll of patience. Waiting for a bus on a brisk cold day, a night of insomnia and overthinking, all are precursors to a desire for someone to open up. Joined by her bandmates, Izzy DiLorenzo and and Tony Marimone, her tale of hope, a wish to unlock what one is keeping hidden unfolds and explodes, sweeping you into emotive strings and percussion. 

Our friends over at GFP premiered the first track from Mills, who is also the bassist for Surfer Blood. Mills will be releasing Cusp - a two track EP that comes ahead of an upcoming LP. Preorder Cusp on Decades Records or Broken Circles Records.

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