mp3 premiere: "Skeleton Dad" - Mineral Girls


"If this is how you treat your friends/please don't consider me one of them." On "Skeleton Dad," Mineral Girls makes the case for starting anew, leaving the "good ol days in the past" and finding somewhere else to focus your energy. The message is backed with an utter thunderstorm of instruments and vocals. Its energy is apparent from the beginning and continues in 4 minutes of unrelenting, beautifully orchestrated music. It's part of a 7" release out through Self Aware Records & Broken World Media on 11/11, and is said to be the group's most collaboratively written effort to date. The single demands to be played loud, as absolutely loud as you possibly can. There's so many moments hiding in secret corners to be uncovered and it's one hell of a way to follow up last year's Cozy Body

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