mp3 premiere: "Slower & Slower" - Duncan Kissinger

There's an expected antiquated languidness to Duncan Kissinger's track titled "Slower and Slower". It's reflected in Kissinger's unhurried instructions to another party — a desire to be led down to a river and abandoned. It comes on the heels of Kissinger's observations that "time goes slower and slower," a statement made all the more punctuated with repetitious rolling percussion and guitar etched ever so lightly in fuzz. It's a fitting glance at the passing of time as Kissinger's album Make Time Stop out 9/22 on Winspear is meant to be a "collection of nuanced moments from Duncan's life, replayed and reflected upon in verse.These songs are moments, urges, impulses, reflections on what's happening as it's happening. Make Time Stop is meant to empower others to place more value on individual moments and embrace emotion and intuition as the truest thing we have." All too often we rush through each day and each passing second, waiting for what comes next, but on "Slower & Slower" we've been invited to sit, contemplate and stare off into the horizon. It's a reminder that for just a few brief minutes we should soak in what's happening and what's come before. Give a stream to the track below and check out the tracklist, too.


  • 1. Mice
  • 2. You Have Seen The Light (And It Haunts You)
  • 3. My God Has Many Names
  • 4. Cheerin'
  • 5. Slower & Slower
  • 6. Stomach
  • 7. Better Man (Southern Drawl)
  • 8. Blues Graveyard
  • 9. Fine Time (Sprite)
  • 10. Don't Let Me Down
  • 11. (Don't You Ever) Wonder
  • 12. No One Else's Dreams
  • 13. The Weight Is Gone
  • 14. End Of Daze

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