mp3 premiere & The Grey Estates Podcast: "Shear" - Club Night

photo: Joanna Samuel

photo: Joanna Samuel

In recent weeks, we've wrote of Club Night and the band's ability to make music that's purely and wholly their own. In today's episode of The Grey Estates Podcast you'll learn why this is, as the band is a collection of Oakland artists from different musical backgrounds, each with their own tastes, sounds and ideals.

At the end of the month, on August 25 they'll release their EP Hell Ya on Tiny Engines and today we're bringing you the premiere of "Shear".  The track is frenetic and intoxicating, beginning with a collection of playful instrumentals and sounds that could seemingly come plucked from a fun house soundtrack, setting an attitude of contagious joy from the outset. There's so much continually happening throughout the single — whether warped vocals or an unexpected explosion of instruments — that you need to truly listen in and absorb it all, so as not to miss a blissful second. Only as the track nears its conclusion does the energy begin to falter, and for a few moments as they sing of laying back and watching a steady rain fall, we can practically feel that beauty; that peace. 

Listen to the single below along with a brand new episode of The Grey Estates Podcast which features a rad interview with the band and their brand new track!

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