mp3 premiere: "Warriors of the Old World" - Dream Version

photo: Helen Schenck.

photo: Helen Schenck.

The world needs Dream Version. In this current political climate we need a punk soundtrack to shout along to, a band to be boldly their own and encourage us to lift our fists in the fight. Dream Version's upcoming album Fight Fair out 7/7 is the answer and on single "Warriors of the Old World" we're given the first stomping taste of their message. Their gritty, snarled proclamation that salutes "warriors of the old world...they know their flags are being taken down," wears the inspiration of The Kinks and Wire proudly on its sleeve. An unchanging guitar and drum line provide a bolstered means of support for their cries, Find your own cause to fight for and take a trip back in time with Dream Version's vintage punk. Here's what Alec Jensen had to say about the track:

"Warriors of the Old World" is essentially about the folks who showed up with torches at the Robert E. Lee statue in Virginia last week. But it also comments on the response to the Ghostbusters reboot that was coming out when I wrote it, and the uproar against taking Jackson off the 20. It's like something old is rotting right now, but before it goes away, a bunch of trolls are gonna make sure they rub our faces in it. I suppose it's ultimately an optimistic song, because it suggests that greater inclusion and equality are inevitable and our current political situation is just the drying breath of a nostalgia for a less inclusive time. But it seems as though we're gonna be smelling the stink of that breath for quite a while still.

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