mp3 premiere: "We Real Cool" - Goldmines

Goldmines' recently released self-titled EP will receive the tape treatment through Dadstache Records in September. The tape will feature this bonus track, "We Real Cool," a completely reckless jam that's wild, free and features utterly roaring guitar lines. It's like you're finally on the other side of that party you so badly wanted to attend in high school, and it turns out it's really everything you dreamed.

p.s. I saw them open for The Coathangers & L.A. Witch last night, and this song live will totally slay you. 

Vocalist Mandy Look describes the track as,

"‘We Real Cool’ is a song adapted from the Gwendolyn Brooks poem sharing the same title. I read the poem and the song just immediately came out. I related heavily to this short poem, and I see it relating to many of my friends. It’s nihilistic, it’s facetious, it’s not seeing a future, it’s about living fast to die young, being tough, look at how cool we are. I just wanted it to rip."

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