mp3: "Rebel Black" - Angelic Milk

Angelic Milk kind of totally bewitched us with one fell swoop when they released "IDK," and the band returns with a single equally as dreamy. "Rebel Black" is from the band's debut EP Teenage Movie Soundtrackand if you didn't believe the hype on the band's last release, this is the one to convince you. Those adolescent dreams you had of packing a suitcase and running away with a crush epitomize the spirit of "Rebel Black." It's reckless, but beautiful, the reverb, fuzz and twinkling chimes making garage rock as close to romantic as it can get. And vocalist Sarah Persephona, is our fearless leader throughout the escape, her fantastical soprano sounding as syrupy as the promise of a new beginning. 

photos: The Vaccines at Mr. Smalls, Pittsburgh, Pa (5/25/16)

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