mp3: "Reversed" - Rue

words: Molly Yacyshyn

“Now it’s clear to me, things I thought I couldn’t see.” Rue gives us “Reversed”, a song that tells a story of self-growth and growth away from people who formerly meant a lot to you.  Listening is both cathartic and painful with lyrics like the above that hit too close to home at points. “I hope you’re smiling because I couldn’t curse this space we share presently” echoes in a mantra-like fashion, a thought said to yourself as you’re trying to believe something you know to be true, yet doesn’t feel right. The song moves into the repeating of “we used to breathe the same air,” the inflection of the vocals getting louder, conveying pain in facing a new reality that’s so different from the past. The smooth bass line paired with a simple guitar line lightens up the heartbreaking lyrics making for a lovable combination of twee and punk.

mp3: "Telepathic Mind" - Bruiser Queen

album: 'Til You're Mine - Dog Party