mp3: "Running Hot" - Littler

words: Kat Harding

Littler has been quite busy. After their March 2016 release, Of Wondering, they burst out of the Philly DIY scene, touring the U.S. and gaining national attention. Their celebrity was cemented with the release of their La Croix-themed video for “Slippery,” and they continued releasing music, adding to the Don’t Stop Now compilation to benefit the ACLU and participating in Bandcamp’s site-wide donation, helping to raise thousands of dollars to the organization.  

Not that they really went anywhere, but the un-categorizable band is back with a new track, “Running Hot,” the first snippet of their upcoming EP, to be released in April on Disposable America, Yellow K, and Anxiety Pop, depending on the format you’re looking for. If “Running Hot” is any indication of what we can expect from the Bad Hand EP, we can be assured to get sweet melodies of earnest stories over ferociously strummed guitars and a bright, almost brassy, hum. “Running Hot” is sunny and uplifting, and makes you want to dance with friends.   

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