mp3: "Sad Girls Club" - Katie Ellen

If you've spent any length of time, even just a second, feeling sorry for your emotion, questioning whether your tears were invalid or the idea of showing any type of emotion made you less of a person, Katie Ellen's latest single was made for you. "Sad Girls Club" adds a bit of twang to the band's normally energetic appeal. It's a plea to remain unashamed of who you are, to embrace exactly who you are at this second and every moment that follows, and to wear every single emotion on your sleeve. Taking digs at the sentiment that "sad girls don't make good wives," Katie Ellen gives us all a much needed boost of encouragement, a shoulder to cry on or to laugh. You can read the manifesto regarding the track from singer Anika Pyle below.

The track appears on Cowgirl Blues dropping 7/14 on Lauren Records.

Anika Pyle

The Sad Girls Club is for anyone who is emotional and not sorry for it. It is for anyone who expresses their feelings openly and honestly and refuses to be shamed for it. The Sad Girls Club is for anyone who values empathy, kindness, and vulnerability over oppression, suppression, and aggression. It is especially for those of us raised as girls, expected to sacrifice our needs and desires for the good of the family, the business, the status quo, patronized or deemed hysterical for expressing our emotions, taught from birth that the exhibition of our feelings would hinder our success. It is also for those of us raised as boys, imprisoned by a notion of masculinity that requires us to abandon our feelings, to run from our most vulnerable spaces, to detach from our sensitive selves. It is for those of us raised as boys or girls who feel no connection or allegiance to either, searching for meaning in an archaic system that has historically provided little room for redefinition or revolution. The Sad Girls Club is a space to imagine a world where our capacity to emote or succeed is not directly correlated to our sex assigned at birth, to find courage in vulnerability, to embrace the radical potential of feelings and to invoke the qualities of the feminine in all people so that we might create a kinder, fairer, gentler world where we are not afraid to feel.

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