mp3: "Say You" - Strange Relations

Last year, we met Strange Relations and we have yet to quit listening to their music and feeling impressed each time we do. We may have thought we had the band totally figured out, but they've announced an upcoming full length (out 9/8 on Tiny Engines) with new single "Say You" and it would seem that Casey Sowa (drum/vocals) and Maro Helgeson (bass/synth) are only reaching higher with the power of their song. "Say You" incorporates that same sense of mystery, and surprise as their previous material with fluttering instrumentals gaining momentum and force, awakening for a gorgeous conclusion. All the while, the vocals of Sowa display a defiant tenderness, detailing a message of how "our bodies shape our realities, especially as they mold the paths before us and how others react to us and our work. How are the limits of our ambitions shaped by our bodies? How can we maintain self-confidence and self-love in the face of all of these pressures rooted in our physicality? How do women, especially, navigate a world that seeks to constantly regulate and define our value and autonomy based on our bodies?"

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