mp3: "Silver Velvet" - The Courtneys

Photo: Andrew Volk

Photo: Andrew Volk

The Courtneys have a very large place in my heart. When TGE was first starting out we fell in love with them and they did a bunch of features, while also never leaving our playlists with their self-titled 12". Today we're utterly stoked and dancing to welcome them back. The Courtneys II is their sophomore release, out 2/17 on Flying Nun Records. "Silver Velvet" is the album's first single and it welcomes you back into their catchy, punched up garage rock. Always relatable and seemingly ripped from a journal entry about falling for your crush, "Silver Velvet" is your new anthem for when you've fallen hard and fast, and there's nothing you can do about it. 

Mix: TGE 2016

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