mp3: "Sleep My Pretties" - Swanning

words: S. Frances Kemp

"Sleep My Pretties" starts out with a tight bass line and is quickly met with a deep, cutting reverb on the guitar. It’s no surprise that the first single from Cynthia Schemmer’s newest project ‘Swanning’ is so good. If you recognize Schemmer’s name it’s because she also plays guitar in the equally reverb-filled ‘Radiator Hospital’. After a few seconds of uninterrupted play between guitar and bass, Schemmer comes in and sings. She’s feeling bored, pissed off, and relentless. The song moves through these emotions fluidly while also bringing in a nameless person. By the end of the track, Schemmer has promised to take this person out “in one solid sweep”. "Sleep My Pretties" is a song that is just as much about revenge as it is an attempt to document Schemmer’s own pain. She’s been betrayed but by the end of the song we learn she gets dangerous with age. It’s the kind of song that is perfect for listening to when you’re convinced the only emotion you’ll ever feel is anger. Whether that feeling comes when you’re walking to work or out with friends is totally irrelevant. The lines of guitar and bass that support the song are just as much something you can dance to as much as they are something you can listen to while sulking in your bedroom. Schemmer’s single brings together all of the best parts of being so angry you can’t feel your face. It’s a fuck you to everything—and a good one at that.

Drawing the Dawn Moon, the first album by Swanning, comes out May 27, 2016.

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