mp3: "Slowing" - Guilt Mountain

From our most tumultuous periods can come the most unexpected and beautiful instances of growth. Guilt Mountain's upcoming EP Rare Energy examines growing pains and self discovery through a beautiful lens. On newest single, "Slowing" artist Kate Larsen is looking back, but ahead, inviting us along, as her soft, careful soprano navigates the emotion of a once powerful but now fading relationship. As Larsen gains strength and realizes that, "I bend myself in thirds and thirds again wondering if there's any real space left" she admits that "I don't know how this happened." The sounds around her begin to reflect the recognition that comes with searching, with the heightening of a fuzzy, angry guitar and pattering percussion. "Slowing" is intimate and striking, enlivening that sense of coming to terms with yourself and learning to pull up the goodness and beauty from even the hardest happenings. As Larsen explains,

"i wrote "slowing" when i felt slow and soft. i was starting to see my relationship at the time as something that couldn't really hold for me anymore, or, as something that i was realizing i might never be fully happy in. in the song i'm locating my ultimate source of comfort, which was this deep deep love, and i'm looking at it really hard, but then i'm saying goodbye. i'm able to see myself clearly enough to do it, and it feels heartbreaking, but it also puts a calm over me. it's almost the practical and emotional sides of me, edging up against each other."

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