mp3: "Smash" / "Still Apart" - Varsity

Varsity has made some of the most saccharine sounds to ever hit our ears. Their releases have gone down like Warheads, a little spunky on the outside, but in the center is sugary, candy goodness. "Smash" sees vocalist Stephanie Smith commandeering her bandmates through an endless party of riotous instrumentals. B-side "Still Apart" lets her sweet and coy vocals take center stage, rising above the usual noise to question whether the game of a relationship is worth it. It's a delightful treat for the ears, and should soundtrack your step as you head off in search of a summer candy fix or a crush to keep you occupied.

mp3 premiere: "Never Fun" - halfsour

mp3: "Mad" - R.L. Kelly

mp3: "Mad" - R.L. Kelly