mp3: "Sprite Zero" - Mulligrub


The music of  Mulligrub was the perfect soundtrack for a damp and dreary weekend. The Winnipeg trio's Soft Grunge album came out in April, and it's a collection of stirring visuals, a portrait of anxious musings, Canadian summers and falling for someone. The vocals of Kelly Campbell come with a resilient force, perhaps her own mechanisms of survival reflected in the strength of her song. Along with band members J Riley Hill and Mirella Villa, the release becomes a complete collection of utterly emotional and at times gut wrenching honesty. The whole thing is worth your attention, but "Sprite Zero" is especially impassioned. "I wish I could get it all right it's too much/you're a light bug and I can't keep up," Campbell sings, and with the deliberate and careful instrumental backing this diary of wishes and whims becomes all the more stirring.

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