mp3: "Steeping" - Dogbreth

Photo: Stillman Busselle

Photo: Stillman Busselle

On their previous single from Second Home, Dogbreth riled us up, and for "Steeping," they slow it down, even adding a little saxophone. The things we want most in life may not come with the immediacy we expect, and Dogbreth compares that waiting game to a "Steeping" tea bag. "My hope is the longer it takes/the stronger that I'll be/cause when I finally reach your mouth/I'll wanna wake you warmly." There's a sincerity and romanticism to the single, the idea that waiting sucks, and watching the tea darken to signal it's ready for consumption may take a little time, but on the other side of it is something totally glorious to enjoy.

The album drops in August on Asian Man Records.

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