mp3: "Suzie Wong" - Dama Scout

words: Sean Deveney

“Suzie Wong,” the lead track from Dama Scout’s self-titled EP sounds like it would fit in well in a Wes Anderson film soundtrack. The intro is delicate but builds in anticipation for the vocals. Singer Eva Liu’s words are loud and clear as they dominate the track with a reverb-laden guitar and punchy drums to back them up. The straightforward riffs, rhythms, and words all create a world of innocence that is reminiscent of a child’s daydream. The line “money disappears drowning in the sun” adds to the idyllic vision Dama Scout creates. Towards the end, the song briefly erupts in a strangely calm manner before concluding with Liu singing once again “Jesse’s in her head.” With “Suzie Wong,” Dama Scout takes us to a simple place because sometimes simplicity is where the best answers to complex problems are hiding.  Dama Scout EP is out 10 November on Hand In Hive.

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