mp3: "Take Down the Moon! (Demo)" - Perma

words: Kassie Salas

After the previous release of Perma's Two of a Crime, a surprise release from Say Anything, and this year's new album from Eisley: Max Bemis and Sherri Dupree-Bemis are finally back as the amazing duo, Perma. The release of single "Take Down the Moon" reminds us all why they are, and will forever be, the epitome of #Relationshipgoals.

The tune itself is a sweet little promise of going above and beyond for the one you love, and doing anything in your power to remind them of the love and happiness the two of you share. It sets the perfect tone for anyone in a serious relationship, or for those going through a summer crush. Max's rough, punk vocals overlap Sherri's sweet, melodic voice, melding together perfectly, along with the complimentary backing of quick beats and grungy guitars. It'll have you listening intently, waiting to hear more from the album. Unfortunately, the album doesn't have a set release date, but is slated to be released sometime in 2018 on Equal Vision Records. Luckily there is hope for those about to tie the knot as Max and Sherri have set up a website where fans can book them to sing at their weddings between 2017-2018. Of course, you'd have to be crazy to not jump at the opportunity to have Max Bemis of Say Anything and Sherri Dupree-Bemis of Eisley to sing at your wedding.

mp3: "Destroyers" - Ramonda Hammer

photos: Tigernite and Bruiser Queen at Cactus Club (6/1/17)