mp3: "Take It All" - Lisa Prank

At this point, Adult Teen is the guide to life we all need. In fact, I wish it was around when I was growing up, relying on American Girl's The Care and Keeping Of You. Lisa Prank will release the LP on 6/24 through Miscreant Records and Father/Daughter Records, and each track has been like rifling through the singer's old diaries, her doodles, graffiti and thoughts coming to life in the form of saccharine punk. "Take It All" is the newest single, and it's a declaration to a terrible beau that they can have anything from a past relationship. That includes the old records she's sick of anyways, a coat and her nuisance heart. Armed with copious cups of coffee and a fearless attitude, nothing will stand in the way of this colroful spirit. 

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