mp3: "The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In The Sky" - Yohuna

Photo: Brian Vu

Photo: Brian Vu

The other night I found myself on a lengthy drive home, alone, the moon providing the only light aside from the passing of a truck. There's always something magical, special, serene about those nights where it's just you, the moon and your thoughts. In those moments, anything feels possible, your mind wading in memories and daydreams. On Yohuna's single "The Moon Hangs In The Sky Like Nothing Hangs In the Sky," she captures that peaceful beauty of the night. It's a mysterious affair, a walk home on a Sunday night enlivened with reverb-swathed soprano. It's a moment that commands your attention with its subtlety and swirls about your thoughts even at its completion.

Patientness is out 9/9 on Orchid Tapes.

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