mp3: "The Ropes" - Yucky Duster


words: Kat Harding

The second single, “The Ropes,” from Brooklynites Yucky Duster’s upcoming EP is another upbeat and jangly punk track with sing-along lyrics and sticky melodies. The Duster’s Lament EP will be the first release of 2017 on Nashville’s Infinity Cat Records. The first track revealed, “Elementary School Dropout” garnered high praise from numerous blogs, including our own.

There is a distinct early Weezer feel to the track, featuring a playfulness throughout that describes “try[ing] to stay composed...reaching for the ropes, trying to retreat from what you know,” but how it might just have been better to face the issue at hand head-on. We have all been there; 100% relatable. The band sears through the track, clocking in at less than two minutes, begging for you to hit play again.

Yucky Duster’s cassette is available for pre-order now. It’s part of the Infinity Cat Cassette Series and limited to only 350 bright and shiny yellow tapes. Their release show, for the lucky ones in New York, will be January 12, 2017, with Big Ups, Red Sea and Leapling at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn.

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