mp3: "Time Takes Time" - Brittain Ashford

"Time Takes Time" is an all too quickly passing secret that you wish you could hold to forever. The track from Brittain Ashford begins so softly, her husky, and at times heartbreaking vocals displaying a force even in their subtlety - "I'm always fine. We all survive, don't we? /Time takes time. And I know I know I will take mine. And I'll be just fine." The twinkle of instrumentals, the gradual collection of strings all come to bolster and pull with her reveal. We're stepping into a fantasy, a daydream where time has passed and all she's wished for has come true. The track is intimate and romantic, taking away your breath and leaving you dazzled. It's a moment made for peering into hazy summer skies, letting your thoughts drift away, closing your eyes and imagining that at the end of it all you'll "be just fine."

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