mp3: "Trouble Adjusting" - Miya Folick

Life can often throw us curveballs and in the midst of turmoil we may struggle to keep hold of everything we know, including ourselves. Miya Folick puts the fight to song on single, "Trouble Adjusting." The track comes from an upcoming EP with Terrible Records/Interscope Records. What starts as a subtle story of walking into a room with balloons, soon unravels and flourishes, Folick's vocals nearing a scream with guitar and drum picking up their tenacity in an effort to echo a confession - "I'm having trouble adjusting." Her screams, the furious and unwavering instrumentals sweep you into a tornado of feeling, reaching for the moment when you know "it will be okay." It's impressive and moving, ending in one final whisper - "how am I supposed to do it again/if I can't recall how it was in the begnning?"

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