mp3: "Trouble" - Frankie Rose

words: Kat Harding

Frankie Rose, hailing from Brooklyn, has a new shimmery single for us in anticipation of her new album Cage Tropical. Due out on Slumberland Records/Grey Market August 11, the first taste of the record is an otherworldly synth pop anthem. Rose notes the song came “out of the simple realization that you can’t outrun yourself or your problems,” but with a dance track like this, we might be able to mentally escape them for a moment or two.

The video is a kaleidoscope of blurred, colorful swatches, flashing lights, and fuzziness. It’s a mesmerizing visualization of the track, featuring a Roswell, New Mexico-based hotline for folks to leave messages of their UFO/paranormal encounters. Check out the video and then give the number a call; your story might just be used in the Weird Night with Juan & Frankie podcast, launching this summer.  

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