mp3: "Under the Sun" - Cherry

Have you ever noticed how things can truly come into clarity during quiet moments in the outdoors? It's as if being outside, surrounded by everything and nothing can provoke all these feelings and emotions we keep locked behind the closed doors of our homes. "Under the Sun" is a moving pronouncement, a declaration that begins while "under the sun," in a shirt soaked with sweat, eyes waiting for someone to appear. It's pieces of various moments and memories, coming together in a beautiful way and flourishing alongside instrumentals that prickle every part of your body. The album, out 9/29 on Lame-O Records, is meant to impart the importance of communication, of pausing just to acknowledge that we're all here together. And for one brief moment, "Under the Sun" turns our eyes from screens and the world around us and instead invites us into a world of vivid imagery. 

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