mp3: "Weather Girl" - Baby!

Earlier this year, we first met Baby!, and from the moment the music of Kaley Honeycutt hit our ears we were head over heels. After the release of her EP, Baby! is preparing to release a full length with Yellow K Records on 8/25, and "Weather Girl" is the first darling, romantic peek. The track is a promise to always be someone's "sunny girl," even when uncertainty is looming - "don't know what's gonna happen." Honeycutt's vocals come gleaming through like a beam of sunshine in a cloudless sky, with a backing of beachy instrumentals making for a perfect backdrop to a track that's all about capturing a period of carefree feelings and happiness in Honeycutt's life. If a dark cloud seems to be following you about or you just need to close your eyes and imagine a perfect, sunny day this is the song you need.

mp3: "Bender" - Ramonda Hammer

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