mp3: "Well" - Club Night

The music of Club Night is hard to pinpoint or categorize, and that's what makes it so special and perfect. Previous single "Rally" had us ready to skip off into the sunset and "Well" follows a similarly ecstatic attitude. From joyous, gleeful shouts and screams to the jolting percussion and even the whirling guitar, Club Night effortlessly pieces together each of these various elements into a wondrous, fantastical collage. It's a constant surprise of ever-changing directions and sounds, holding your attention with its colorful, energized spirit. "Well" is one of those moments where you leave feeling ready to toss away whatever plans you have and run headlong into the sun, chasing after everything and anything you dream. Hell Ya EP is out 8/25 on Tiny Engines.

album: Melodrama - Lorde

mp3: "Suzie Wong" - Dama Scout