mp3: "Westside" - Ratboys

Whether in a land unfamiliar or city where you can name each street, there's something to be said for losing yourself to an adventure, even if it's just a short walk around the block. On the new single from Ratboys, the band allows us to undertake such a trip with the moving and stunning "Westside." It's the latest track from the band's upcoming GN album and it's a single reminiscent of a quiet breeze that stirs the drapery. Julie Steiner's vocals begin softly, hushed singing of "falling asleep to the memories of dreams," the hazy, subtle delivery demanding you to listen intently. Band mate Dave Sagan's noisy guitars swirl about, rising and falling to perfectly match the heavenly nature of Steiner. From the minute the track begins, Ratboys take your hand, leading you through a twisted, lovely adventure that only flourishes with each passing second. In short - it's a knock out. 

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