mp3: "What I Wanted to Hold" - Florist

words: Michael Brooks

“What I Wanted To Hold”, the harrowing first single from Florist’s sophomore album, If Blue Could Be Happiness, finds songwriter Emily Sprague calmly musing over the idea that nothing lasts forever. The track begins with the gentle strum of an acoustic guitar as swirling electronics and strings dissipate in the background adding brief moments of restlessness. Sprague’s airy vocals float on top of the track, adding urgency to every line, and never before has anyone sounded so serene and self-assured while pondering their own mortality. Straightforward lines like “I’m alive and I’m okay” become beautifully devastating sentiments that tug on the heartstrings and prove that the biggest weapon in Florist’s arsenal is simplicity. “What I Wanted To Hold” is the perfect song for a warm summer night and proves Florist haven't run out of understated bummer jams. 

If Blue Could Be Happiness is out September 29 on Double Double Whammy

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