mp3: "Why Are You So Mad At Me" & "I Did It All For You"- Debbie Downer

The music of Debbie Downer is a stunning kaleidoscope, allowing listeners to tumble and turn through whirling guitars, and dreamy melodies. Peering in, you're invited to a world where bits and pieces are slowly added to each passing second, like on single "Why Are You So Mad At Me." The track that begins starry and sweet, continues to gather force, a mantra questioning "why are you so mad at me?" repeating over and over again. Before the song plays out, the band includes one final moment of force, one twist of the kaleidoscope that brings in a bit of angry guitar, vocals nearly inaudible beneath its rage. Meanwhile single, "I Did It All For You" could come pumping through a vintage jukebox at a beachside cafe. And while everything seems sunny in this world of vintage-inspired surf rock, there's a message of demanding your worth and waiting for that heartbreaker to admit they were wrong. Both tracks are made for the moments when you close your eyes and daydream of everything, and nothing.

The songs come from an upcoming EP: You Know You’re Wrong, 

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