mp3: "Wool in the Wash" - Crying

words: Jordan Gorsuch

Following two anxious, thrilling and danceable EPs, Brooklyn’s Crying return with a brand new track “Wool in the Wash,” the lead single from their forthcoming album Beyond the Fleeting Gales. The song is stuffed to the gills with memorable hooks, earworm guitar lines, and stereo-busting choruses. The song maintains the band’s fondness toward chiptune-esque vocals and bright, saturated synths, but it also feels a little more refined and methodical. The beginning half plays out like a prologue to the jittery, sugar rush that bounces around with squealing delight. The song almost clocks in at four minutes which is surprising given how fast the track seems to pass you by. This is thanks to Crying’s signature high energy and a more progressive song structure that does not conform to the typical verse/chorus format found in most power pop found nowadays. “If you want it, girl go and get it/ Pick the wound despite all that they say to you/ What’s there to lose in making a move?” asks lead singer Elazia Santos in a sweetly fierce delivery. The track isn’t the only thing barreling down toward its conclusion; the lyrical content finds the band not wishing to dwell on halcyon days, they wish to move forward. Tunnel vision can be a bad thing, but when it sounds like this, it feels like the only option.

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