news: meet the new TGE logo

TGE has had its fair share of change over the years. Once we had a wooden background (I think I found it by Google searching wood), and then we were pink, and then we were purple. We had a logo that used to show a drawing of Pittsburgh, and then I joked around with Jena Pyle that I wanted to be turned into a Sailor Scout.


At the time the Sailor Lauren logo was created I was going through some serious depression, and watching Sailor Moon provided me the smallest bit of comfort. To see someone emotional and fearless still doing their thing inspired me! Sailor Lauren will always hold a special place in my heart, BUT I wanted a change, and Jena delivered.

This new logo combines the heroic powers of Sailor me with the real me.

You should check out Jena's work, listen to her band, and follow her on the 'gram.