Album: ourfathers. - Movements

Words: Jordan Gorsuch

My Grandfather passed away last week. I have searched for reconciliation in just about everything. In reading, in talking, in remembering – however, music has proved to be one of the strongest modes of acceptance. Piano Become the Teeth’s blisteringly personal The Long Lack After has helped me immensely. However, one EP released this year has proven even more helpful.

San Francisco post-hardcore band ourfathers. have released a stunning collection of songs titled Movements about two of the member’s fathers passing away. The songs are the result of living in a world without your parent, and how you can keep surviving. The Roman numeral titles are indicators of the sequencing of the tracks when they appear on the band’s forthcoming debut album. I will breakdown each track separately.

XI: “should have been bolder, should have been wiser, could have been something more” are some of the leading lines of the first song on the EP. It mixes the sorrow of reflecting on the past and the anguish of how it will never affect the future. The guitars swell, the bass is crunchy, and the vocals are harsh and exposed. The bass solo in the tail-end of the song is great and leads into a very chilling outro, with a concentration on superb drumming.

III: This starts off with an ambient touch, an ethereal croon highlighting the band’s soft side, which explodes into a sweeping crescendo and one of the most uplifting guitar riffs I’ve heard this year. The song bleeds into a soft acoustic number, featuring a somber melody and some great backing vocals. The band painfully channel their own fathers: “If this is how I die, then tell my son he never knew me.” That’s a painful thought, but if we look into ourselves, we know it’s endlessly true.

V: “When we die, we die alone. An empty cross, an empty tomb.” It is hard not to focus on the negatives of death when it slaps us in the face. We walk through life and take it for granted, when someone dies, it upsets our holding pattern. We’re confused, the illusion is shattered. This song features my favorite chorus on the EP, if you only plan on giving this fantastic EP four minutes of your time, you would be hard pressed to find a better representation of the band.

VII: A bleak and beautiful piano coda opens up this heart-wrenching track. The screaming on the track cut straight to my heart, it is hard to hear someone this exposed, especially with no supporting instruments. “You burned it down, and walked away without a sound,” when someone passes, you’re never prepared. They are gone, and you don’t get ultimate closure. They just leave you in their wake, the destruction speaks for itself.

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