mp3: “Parking Lots” - Plums

Before we dig into this latest gem from Forged Artifacts, let’s just make sure we’re all aware that this label is totally killing it this year. Plums is the latest band to join their glorious roster, and listeners of our TGE x GFP compilation should already be familiar.

“Parking Lots” is the lead single from their debut EP jen out July 15 on limited cassette release. For this release the Boston four-piece ‘crafted songs about gardens, walls, girls, boys, television, streetlights, blankets. All in basements and bedrooms - from MA to NY - in the late months of summer in 2014.” “Parking Lots” fits right in with those summer vibes, feeling warm, welcoming and cozy with waves of gleaming pop carrying you to places unknown. 

Guest Mix: Breaking Up with Blizzard Babies