photo diary: Anna Burch + Fred Thomas

photo diary: Anna Burch + Fred Thomas

photos: Anna Burch
words: Fred Thomas

Asheville: Played the first inaugural RADfest and then hiked in the morning on a muddy path to a waterfall! Got caught behind this fucking idiot horse who was going WAY under the posted speed limits like they're the only one who's timeline matters. So rude, but we eventually got around them and made it to soundcheck in Raleigh.

Norfolk: Day off in Virginia = beach day.  Throwing the football around, watching the gulls skitter along the beach, waves rushing. I came back and walked around this same beach after the gig the next night, it was empty and dark to the point where it was impossible to see beyond a few feet in front of you. One of the most interesting parts of being on tour is stepping, for a moment, into someone else's world. I was amazed at the stillness and vastness of this empty beach that someone who lives nearby probably stopped being moved by long ago. It reminded me to try to see my everyday surroundings in new ways.

D.C.: Songbyrd has a dramatic hallway ranking up there with the pink UFO Factory bathroom and the floral wall at Elvis' Guest House for perfectly photogenic backdrops. The rest of the venue was great, too and everyone had a good show. So good in fact that we went to the Insomnia Cookies down the street afterwards to celebrate. 

NY: There is nowhere else like New York. Baby's All Right had a Drake-only dance night directly following our gig, and friends kept coming in and out from shows happening in the area including Guided By Voices and Swearin' with Empath. It felt like a conduit for several different parties and I stayed out most of the night coasting on the aftershocks from a great show. Everyone stayed somewhere different and here are some photos from Anna's Brooklyn morning. 

Burlington: Day off in Burlington, Vermont and we got to catch Nap Eyes play at Nectar's, the club where fucking PHISH got their start!!! Playing pool where Phish first floundered.

Montreal: I lived in Montreal for two years around the corner from this Pharmaprix, kinda like the CVS of Quebec. One morning I saw a mom and her daughter arguing in the parking lot here and wrote a bleak ass, heartbreaking song about it!

(The last two photos are from the end of tour at Anna's childhood home in Saint Joseph, MI)