photos: Chad VanGaalen at Sunset Tavern (11/10/17)

photos: Chad VanGaalen at Sunset Tavern (11/10/17)

words & photo: Ansley Lee

I figured something out Friday (11/0) night. Chad VanGaalen’s latest album, Light Information is a rock record. Really, I didn’t get that until I saw most of the songs live at Sunset Tavern in Seattle. I’ve described VanGaalen’s music in the past as “like fucked up Neil Young” or like “Neil Young but muppets” That still stands, but there was an energy associated with the new songs and in the band that I haven't heard in VanGaalen's past discography. There were franken-instruments, a blue trumpet, podcast related banter and ongoing discussion of farts. To the typically cold Seattle crowd, VanGaalen's set felt especially friendly, there was a full on ease to it.

After the show, we tried to figure out why my historically temperamental instax camera wasn’t working (yet again). After a few double exposed weird attempts (the first one is half the band, half the floor and the second one VanGaalen took of me double exposed with the band) I finally got one  one of the band.

Before leaving I asked for “Chad VanGaalen and Friends” to be written on the bottom of the instax. Instead I got: “fart to death”.

That pretty much sums up a VanGaalen show. It was great.

Chad VanGaalen is currently on a US tour with support from NE-HI. Read a past interview with the band on The Grey Estates here.