Pop Quiz: halfsour

halfsour is the band that we all should be in love with, and if you're not yet then maybe this Pop Quiz will convince you. Alright let's dig in! Don't forgt to pre-order their album charm school.


TGE: What would the official candy of Halfsour be?

zoë: Probably Take 5 because we're a little bit of all the things, and at least 2 of us can never make up our minds.

matt: Since Take 5 is the best candy - I agree with Zoë regardless of the analogy's merits. Although it is pretty accurate.

ian: I’ll go along with Take 5 because it’s the bomb, though we might be better represented as a band by some weird flavor of saltwater taffy or possibly broken Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies.

If the band was to be a cast on any television show, including reality television which show would you want to be on?

z: We would definitely have had a lot of fun and also would have done really badly as one of the teams on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

m: That just made me think of Double Dare and how it would be funny if I got to see Ian and Zoë slimed. So let's go with Double Dare.

i: I think it would be the bomb to open for the band PMS on Degrassi: TNG.

You're curating a day festival - which six other bands would you include?

z: ANY bands?? Probably Cold Beat, The Amps, classic line-up GBV (Tobin Sprout is our savior), Broadcast with a reincarnated Trish Keenan, 3Ds, and Eddy Current Supression Ring..

m: Six screenings of Some Kind of Monster in a row.

i: Fake Bastard, Prizehog, Donna Parker, Built to Spill, Jean Grae, Black Moth Super Rainbow

Give us a halfsour fun fact.

m: Our first practice space as a band was in the corner of what was basically a flower and plant warehouse.

i: Our first show as Halfsour was actually a comedy show for which we were the only music.

How did the band form?

z: We decided to start playing music together because we are three nerds that love guided by voices. So yeah, we started out as a GBV cover band and never looked back.

i: Matt and I played in a couple bands together in the past and used to be neighbors, so he asked me to drum for that GBV cover thing since I was the right level of bad at the drums to simulate a drunken good drummer.

What would the title of the halfsour netflix documentary be?

m: halfsour - they probably could have tried harder

i: Faster, Mediumer, Hungrier

When you're not playing in the band what can you be found doing?

z: Ian spends all of his "free" time playing in other bands. Matt is usually either playing in another band or watching bad sci-fi. Zoë works on booking Ladyfest Boston and gets stressed out and then binge watches The Great British Bake Off.

What did you wanna be when you grew up?

z: When I was like 5 or 6, I definitely wanted to be a violin and guitar maker. Like, I was very inspired by the idea of Stradivarius as described in my nerdy classical kids CDs. Oh, and also I believed I was Ringo Starr. So, I guess I wanted to be Ringo Starr the luthier. By the time I was 9, I was pretty set on growing up to be Tina Weymouth.

m: I don't remember ever having an answer to that question. I still don't have an answer to that question. Some things never change, I guess.

i: I honestly just wanted to live in the city, play in a rock band, and be able to afford a burrito any time I felt like eating one. So, the trick to having your dreams come true is to dream small.

What's the first video game you ever bought or played?

z: I have never purchased a video game, but I played a whole lot of Mario Kart when my little brother bought it. I mostly played computer games before that, though - Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiago was my JAM.

m: Like every other 80's kid, I got an NES and played Mario when I set it up. The first game I remember buying myself wasn't a game but a GAME GENIE for my Genesis. Whatever, cheating is fun.

i: Played: Some primitive pinball game on my dad’s old work PC back in like 1989. Bought: Mario 64

If halfsour could have an official animal mascot what would it be?

m: I want to say something really cool and majestic or something, but I bet it's closer to some small tweaky mammal like a squirrel, unfortunately.

i: Whichever animal is loud and takes a lot of bathroom breaks.

If we came to visit, describe your dream day and what we would do.

z: We would spend the entire day floating around on a lake on gummy bear floaties, eating sour patch kids, and drinking polar tangerine limeade.

m: I'm not really fun so it would probably just be sitting on my back deck drinking some beers, really.

i: Early Morning: Coffee, blast all the way up to Hampton beach and hang out on the jetty before it gets crowded. Afternoon: Go Carts. Evening: Burrito + what Matt said

Describe your dream sandwich or dream pizza.

z: Definitely anything with buffalo cauliflower or bbq jackfruit or some other novel meat substitute. Always on the crustiest bread possible.

m: I'm simple in my wants so just give me a pineapple and jalapeno pizza with good quality cheese and crust. The crust can't be too thin but also not thick and doughy. 

i: Lightly toasted multigrain bagel with almond butter, pepper jack cheese, BBQ kettle chips, avocado, sliced green apple, mustard greens, hot sauce. Don’t h8 until you try. But also, is a burrito a sandwich?

Album: Three - Diners

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