Pop Quiz: Mommy Long Legs


We fell head over heels for the gals of Mommy Long Legs and their debut tape - Life Rips. It’s one of the funnest releases we’ve heard this year and just when we thought we couldn’t love them anymore they took a Pop Quiz for us, and their answers kind of slay.

The Grey Estates: I’m sure you get asked this like 20 billion times, but the name Mommy Long Legs, how did that happen?

Mommy Long Legs: Melissa’s BF Michael Heck actually came up with the name during a goofy conversation.  Other runner up names were “The Ashley’s” “Lucy Fur” and “pow pow.”  

TGE: How did the band form?

MLL: Cory and Lilly were in a band called The Webs a few years back.  They began playing music on the side together again.  Leah and Melissa separately had the Clay achin’ to jam with Lilly.  So, we just said “lets all jam together forever.”

TGE: If you were having a sleepover, what five essential movies would you watch?

MLL: Xanadu, Flubber, Daisies, Hausu, and Teen Witch

TGE: What would be the Mommy Long Legs spirit animal?

MLL: Nom Nom the goblin butler

TGE: What’s the band favorite tv show? 

MLL: Pee Wee’s Playhouse

TGE What was the last record/tape/mp3 you bought?

Cory: Sheer Mag-7"

Melissa: Bratmobile-Potty Mouth

Leah: Hooded Fang- Gravez

Lilly: Sounds of Flubber volume 2

TGE: If MLL was designing a nail polish what color would you choose and what would you name it?

MLL: Metallic beige “Chicken McBlessed”

TGE: Which cast member of Full House do you most identify with?

MLL: Jesse- cuz we’re the hott one

TGE: Give us a MLL fun fact.

MLL: We cannot burp the alphabet.  

TGE: Which of these dudes from dream phone would you most hope would call you?

MLL: John. (unanimous)

TGE: Favorite breakfast food?

MLL: Burritos

TGE: What’s next for ya gals?!

MLL: Shreddin’ till armageddon

Photos: Vaadat Chagrigim, Winter and Froth at The Echo, Los Angeles, California (5/13/15)

mp3: “Turn It Off” - Froth