Pop Quiz: Pearl Earl




Denton’s Pearl Earl returns to the site today, participating in a digital version of our Pop Quiz feature. Along with the answers to a few fun questions we also have the video for their latest single “Karaoke Superstar,” their latest bewitching pop single.

The Grey Estates: How did Pearl Earl come together?
Pearl Earl: Ariel had been writing songs for a while and one night the ladies had their first random drunk jam session and shortly after Ariel asked the both of them to start a band with her and then along came Charlie a few months later. 

TGE: Give us a fun fact about the band or about each member.
Pearl Earl: Stefanie is a massage therapist. Bailey is an oil painter. Charlie is a music teacher. Ariel is also in all female rap group called Gross Bitch.

TGE: In keeping with your “Karaoke Superstar” track what’s your go to karaoke song?
Pearl Earl: Break on through to the other side- the doors, You ought to know- Alanis Morissette, Welcome to the Jungle- Guns & Roses, Is there life on Mars?- David Bowie

TGE: What’s your favorite tv show?
Pearl Earl: Cops and Nintendo 64

TGE: Favorite candy?
Pearl Earl: Pear Jellybeans and lego candy

TGE: What’s the last album you bought?
Pearl Earl: Holy Komodo- Satellite

TGE: What songs are you currently obsessed with?
Pearl Earl: Schizophrenic Breakdown- Chainmale, Waiting Around for Grace- Pond, Toe Cutter Thumb Buster- Thee Oh Sees, Sunshine- Roy Ayer, Situation- Yazoo

TGE: What is the Pearl Earl spirit animal?
Pearl Earl: A PBR drinking unicorn

TGE: If you could play a show with any band who would you choose?
Pearl Earl: POND

TGE: Favorite board game?
Pearl Earl: Scrabble or Yahtzee


Karaoke Superstar from Ayrton Chapman on Vimeo.

mp3: “Love Stain" - Layer Cake

mp3: "Cold Feet" - Alright