Pop Quiz: Pip Blom

Today we're introducing you to the world of Pip Blom. The singer is totally amazing, bringing to mind the music of Courtney Barnett, but with her own Blom flair. She was kind enough to take our Pop Quiz and we suggest streaming a few of her tracks while you read.

TGE: If you could join the cast of any one book, which book would it be? Mine would be Harry Potter!

Pip: I would love to join the cast of the Big Friendly Giant. The idea of catching dreams sounds so cool. I would love to do it too!

TGE: If you curated the lineup of Glastonbury what would be your five must include acts?

Pip: Parquet Courts, Blur, The Breeders, Courtney Barnett and Arctic Monkeys.

TGE: Which type of cheese best represents you? I think I'm American cause I'm boring but fun.

Pip: Komijnenkaas. It's a Dutch cheese with cumin in it. And I think it best represents me because I tend to be a bit strange but in the end quite nice (at least, I hope :)

TGE: If you could be on any television series which series would it be? 

Pip: Sherlock Holmes (the BBC series). For sure. I don't want to be Sherlock or Wattson. But I would want to be someone who's around them al the time. I love their chemistry, brightness and jokes.

TGE: Does your bicycle have a nickname and if not, what would you nickname it?

Pip: No it doesn't :) It's not very common to give you bicycle a nickname. But if I would, I would call it: rattletrap. It's a very old bike, and it makes lots of noise when you use it. But I love it anyway.

TGE: If you had your own record label who would be the first artist you'd want to work with?

I know it's a fictional band, but I would love to sign Sex­Bob­Ombs (they're the band in the movie (Scott Pilgrim vs The World). They've only made four songs for the movie, but every single one of them is amazing. I would love for them to make a album (it's a shame they're fictional) and release it.

TGE: Give us your top three favorite books of all time or a summer reading list.

The Millennium Trilogy is definitely a must read. Three very thrilling and exciting books. Once you start reading them you can't stop. Another one of my recommendations is a Dutch book called: Polleke. I think it's officially a children's book but it;s so good. I can read it over and over again. It's filled with little poems and the main character: Polleke, is so cool. I don't think there is a translation though, so if you don't speak Dutch you'll just have to believe me :)

TGE: If you could make your own nail polish what color would it be and what would you call it? or lipstick, your choice! 

Pip: I don't wear nail polish or lipstick. But my favourite color is blue. So I would go with a blue nail polish and call it Blue Monday (named after the New Order song :)

TGE: Which musical artists are you currently obsessed with? 

Pip: I'm in love with a Dutch band called Bombay. They've released their second album in the beginning of this year and I'm still listening to it everyday. It's a real jam.

TGE: If we came to visit you what would be your idea of a perfect day for tourists? 

Pip: I think every tourist should rent a boat and sail through the canals of Amsterdam. There is one problem though: you need nice weather. And that's quite rare here in Amsterdam. But if you're lucky and the sun is shining: go sailing. It's really relaxing and it's a nice way to explore and see the city. If you're done sailing, have dinner at Meram. It's my favourite Turkish restaurant and the food is great. And to end the day, go and visit a concert at Paradiso. Paradiso used to be a church which makes it an amazing venue. I really love it there.

TGE: Describe your music using emojis.


mp3: "Ya Ya" - Naked Giants

EP: Home - Glamour Hotline