Pop Quiz: ROMP


On our old, non-Tumblr site we gushed and gushed about the debut EP from ROMP, a New Brunswick four-piece who makes tunes that are crazy and great and fun and perfect for completely losing yourself in. Our blessed city of Pittsburgh will witness the fun firsthand when the band plays The Hen Haus on August 15th, presented by our pals at dltsgdo. Ahead of that show the band took a Pop Quiz for us!

The Grey Estates: What songs are on ROMP’s tour playlist?

ROMP: Manchester Orchestra - COPE and HOPE, Blink-182 - Aliens Exist, Diet Cig - Harvard, Summer Vacation - Vice City, Rhianna - BBHMM, Front Bottoms - Rose EP, Every Walter Mitty Song, Girlpool - When The World Was Big, Cut Your Bangs, Pinegrove - Old Friends/New Friends, Mitski - Jobless Monday, Rozwell kid - Halloween 3.5, The Menzingers - Rodent

TGE: Use four emojis to describe the music of ROMP.

ROMP: fire, octopus, pizza, fire)

TGE: What would ROMP’s ice-cream flavor be?

ROMP: Birthday Cake!

TGE: If ROMP could create any merch item what would it be?

ROMP:  We’re trying to come up with something to go with Chris’ nickname, “The Mantis”. I’m also thinking about getting rompers that say ROMP on the tush. Please email or tweet (@ROMPistight) us with your input/suggestions.

TGE: If ROMP could create any flavor of beer what would it be?

ROMP: The perfect beers have already been made.  Here they are:

Fall - Magic Hat, #9

Winter - Otter creek, Backseat Berner

Spring - Sierra Nevada, Torpedo

Summer - Goose Island Variety Pack (cause our liquor store had a sale)

TGE: If we came to visit in New Brunswick where would we go?

ROMP: We’d definitely be going to Cinco de Mayo for the best burritos. Then we’d go to 1-3 basement shows and vibe out, end the night with some night caps and N64 smack talk.

TGE: What’s your favorite song to perform live?

ROMP: I think right now our favorite songs to perform are the new ones that are coming out on our full length. Sometimes we warm up with Backfire, that’s fun.

TGE: What’s ahead for ROMP?

ROMP: After our August runs Bad Timing is reissuing our EP + an extra track on a 7 inch. We finished recording a full length, that should be out by the end of the year. After that we want to just drive around and play music as much as possible.

TGE: Give us a ROMP fun fact.

ROMP: Chris has never caught a football!

TGE: Any message you would like to pass along to your Pittsburgh audience?

ROMP: We’re excited to be playing a house gig out here in Pitt again. We had a blast last time. Please say hi and show us where the good food is. Antonio Brown rules. Can’t wait to meet yinz (is that right?)

video: "Any Minute" - No Touching

mp3: "The Washing Machine" - SPORTS