Pop Quiz: The Bombshells


Before you even think about digging into this cute as heck Pop Quiz I highly recommend introducing yourself to The Bombshells, if you haven’t already. The Minneapolis outfit will release Bake Sale Hotties on 6/30 through Forged Artifacts, and ahead of that release they were kind enough to take a Pop Quiz. Side note: I say this about every Pop Quiz, but it’s rare bands talk Olsen Twin movies, so this is my new favorite. 

The Grey Estates: How did the Bombshells come together and how did you come up with the name?

The Bombshells: (Taylor) :The Bombshells started a year ago with Britt, Alex, and Mags. I had always had the biggest crush on the band and we became really close friends. Just a couple months ago they asked if I could play guitar, which I couldn’t, but I started learning for the band! 

Alex: We all met through friends and through high school. We all had the mutual interest of starting a band so last summer we learned how to play instruments and figured out how to write cutesy angsty songs and it grew from there. We had met up at Johnny Rockets and ate so many cheese fries and very big milk shakes and each wrote down possible band names and voted on The Bombshells. All of us secretly want to be pin-up girls and we thought this would be the most punk, aggressive way to live out our secret 50’s fantasy. 

Maggie: I knew Alex through a history class we had together in high school and I met Brittani through Alex right before summer started. We all clicked being the only girls around and decided it was time to indulge that and try our hand at writing music that we wanted to hear! 

TGE: In the spirit of the title - Bake Sale Hotties - what would be your go to baked good item? Are y'all any good at baking?

Maggie: We love sweet things and pastries, look out for a Bake Sale Hotties stand at our shows!

Brittani: Cupcakes! 

Alex: Yes! cupcakes, but cream puffs and donuts, we’re pretty good at baking too. 

Taylor: I’m awful at baking… last time I tried to bake peanut butter cookies they just tasted like burnt eggs, luckily the other Bombshell’s can bake so we’re not total posers.

TGE: If you could star in any of the Olsen twin movies, which would you choose? ALSO which of their love interests would you most want to explore a city with?

Taylor: Passport to Paris or When in Rome. I gotta say, riding around Paris on a little Vespa with a french boy sounds pretty dreamy… I might have to go with that.

Maggie: I’d say Holiday In The Sun. Dreamy weather and a Weezer song as the theme? What’s not to love. And I had such a crush those boys from Passport to Paris when I was growing up, so cute!

TGE: What is your favorite candy? And what candy do you think describes or fits the mood of your band?

All: Sour Patch Kids!

TGE: If the Bombshells were going on tour with any boy band who would you choose?

Taylor: The Naked Brothers band. I don’t know what happened to them, but hopefully they’re up for a world-tour with us. 

Maggie: That’s like asking me to choose my favorite child! But I’d have to say NSYNC, I think we’ve all been looking for a reason for an NSYNC reunion tour. 

TGE: The Bombshells are in charge of creating a cereal. Describe your dream cereal and give it a name. 

Taylor: Cereal that’s just tiny donuts. I want a bowl of little, Cheerio-sized donuts with milk. Or like Cheerio-sized zebra cakes. 

Maggie: Our cereal would be called, BAM-o’s (Like the song off of our record Bake Sale Hotties called BAM, lol).

TGE: What was the last record/tape you bought?

Brittani: Max Baker by Tijuana Panthers
Alex: Cujo by Colleen Green
Taylor: Peach Kelli Pop by Peach Kelli Pop
Maggie: Cujo by Collen Green also! 

TGE: What’s your dream Bombshells merch item?

Brittani: Our own clothing line! 

Taylor: I’d love to have an album on vinyl, especially if we had a bright pink pressing. 

Maggie: Candy! They could be little sour candies or gum balls in the shape of little bomb’s.

TGE: What’s next for The Bombshells?

Taylor: Writing, writing, writing. We want to jump right back into making music and really refining our style. We got big plans! 

Maggie: Sweatin’ it out on the beach all summer and writing new, riot grrl music that’s perfect for just that!

TGE: Fill in the blanks: The Bombshells sound like ____ and our new tape is _______.

Taylor: The Bombshells sound like rowdy bubblegum-popping punk, and our new tape is loud and perfect for hot, sweaty summer days at the beach. 

Maggie: The Bombshells sound like they’re angry and our new tape is sweaty.

Album of the Week: CRUSHED-PONY

mp3: “Tanker” - Heathers