EP premiere: Are You The One - Trick Burn

Falling in love is a differing experience each time. It’s a period of confusion, a signaling of aging and a willingness to let someone else know every part of you, and believe they won’t leave. These phases are oft not something you share with others, but on Trick Burn’s debut outing he allows us into every moment - from the butterflies of a high school crush who stole your “Led Zeppelin T-Shirt” to the syrupy sweetness of realizing “love’s a feeling I can chase,” on “Androgyny.” In this EP of beautifully, off-kilter acoustic pop, Trick Burn encourages us all to question Are You The One.

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of the EP, and Josh aka Trick Burn explained to us that:

I wanted to make something intimate. For all of my friends who live around the states, to stay caught up in the most personal aspects of my life….My attempt to reclaim feelings I didn’t know I was still susceptible to. It’s cheesy, but this is an intimate album for me. Sonically, I wanted it to signal a new release which will probably come in early 2016 with more electric guitar songs

mp3: "Clean Touch" - Very Fresh

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